Getting Rid of Your Junk Just Got Easier

Partner with us for top-notch junk removal services in the Laramie, WY area

Whether you've been hoarding items for years, or you have piles or yard waste scattered about your lawn, we can help. The professionals at Bootstrap Hauling LLC offer quick and efficient junk removal services in Laramie, WY and the surrounding area. When you're ready to declutter your space, simply give our experts a call to arrange for junk removal services.

We also provide furniture removal services. You can count hire us to remove:

  • Chairs and couches
  • Wardrobes and vanities
  • Tables and entertainment centers
  • Dressers, bookcases and cabinets

Contact us at 307-314-2084 now to learn more about or junk or furniture removal services.

What else can we remove?

When you need your junk removed in a hurry, our team is here to help. Our junk removal projects are typically completed in less than 24 hours. Along with removing furniture, you can depend on our pros to remove:

Appliances - refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, dishwashers, TVs, computers, monitors, boilers and radiators
Yard waste - leaves, tree trimmings, dirt, mulch and lawn clippings
Construction debris - flooring, siding, lumber, concrete, glass, bricks, shingles and tiles

Reach out to us today to arrange for quick and efficient junk removal services.